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Helping Improve a Good Thing

A couple of posts ago I talked a bit about SimpleHighlight. Today, I beat up the code a bit to support setting a couple of options for each code block. I e-mailed my changes to the author of SimpleHighlight and am happy to announce that as of today you can start a code block with a tag like the following...

<code theme="all_hallows_eve" numbers="no">
  insert code here...

The options supported currently are:

language="..." -- specify language of code block (the legacy option class="..." is still supported too)

theme="..." -- specify theme for code block

numbers="..." -- specify whether or not to show line numbers

Just to show the flexibility of this, here are a few more examples...

<code language="html" theme="twilight">

<div id="sample"><p>Here is some <b>HTML</b></p></div>

<code language="html" theme="eiffel" numbers="no">

<div id="sample"><p>Here is some <b>HTML</b></p></div>

<code language="html" theme="cobalt" numbers="no">

<div id="sample"><p>Here is some <b>HTML</b></p></div>



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