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writing the unwwwritten

The first time around, I played with typo, but I never really wrote anything on that blog.

The next time, I settled on simplelog... at the time it fit the bill, and I actually wrote several blog entries. However, hosting my site on only seemed like a good idea for a little while. Eventually, I got tired of the downtime and the deployment issues.

This time around, I'm on Heroku and, while simplelog does what it should, I've decided to follow the route recommended by Geoffrey Grosenbach. I may not be a Rails beginner, but I think there's still a lot of lessons to be learned from the exercise.

Soon after I got started I stumbled upon Robert Burén's blog where he too is documenting his experience creating a blog using Ruby on Rails.

So, I've borrowed greatly from his feature list, but here's my list of intended features at this point in time...

  • a fully integrated site with multiple pages (including a home page, a project portfolio, an about page and, of course, the blog)
  • each blog entry will be referenced by a friendly link (rather than its id)
  • commenting
  • user authentication with admin and author roles
  • instead of using captcha or comment moderation, use email verification (or a verified user account) to publish comments
  • published and unpublished blog posts
  • lock blog posts to prevent further comments
  • date to trigger publication of blog post
  • support for multiple markup methods (plain text, html, markdown and textile) for blog posts and other content items (like project descriptions)
  • syntax colouring for code excerpts
  • rss feeds
  • upload images to include in post
  • tagging of posts
  • tag cloud showing tag frequency with links to posts
  • related posts
  • sidebar
  • site-wide (tags, pages and posts) full text search
  • blog ping
  • github integration for projects

That's "all" for now, but I'm sure I'll come up with more. Anyway, the upcoming posts will look at how I'm doing with things (and of course anything else that I think of).


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